JOHN LINDEN 2012 March 6, 2013

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This new public school for 500 students is located in a tough South Los Angeles neighborhood almost directly under the flight path into LAX and adjacent to the very busy 105 Century freeway. The design was influenced by the New Orleans architects Curtis and Davis who designed and built many schools in the early 1950s in Louisiana.  Their designs adapted to the local climate without using air conditioning, creating sustainable light filled and poetic spaces for kids to learn.

Similarly, this project is designed to enhance passive sustainable strategies.  It allows for abundant natural light, ventilation and view, while shading itself and inducing airflow.  The south facade is clad with 650 solar panels that shade the building and provides 75% of the energy needs for the school. Implementing these strategies will reduce carbon emissions by over 3 million pounds.

Taking full advantage of the region’s temperate climate, the designers eschewed the fully contained “big box” idiom of conventional schools on the primary use site. Instead, a landscaped courtyard with multifunctional “bleacher” terracing flows into the open-air covered lobby and the multilayered paseo, lending the school the appeal of a collegiate campus and offering significant environmental benefits—improving daylighting and access to fresh air both inside and out—while providing substantial cost savings by limiting artificial lighting and thermal conditioning to the smaller enclosed spaces.

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The Rong house – Kontum March 4, 2013

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The Rong house - Kontum

The north of the Highland is the capital of ethnic groups: Zarai; Bahnar; Xe Dang, Ze Trieng, Brau … this is the land full of myths and the root of the traditional Rong house. The Rong house of the remote ethnic groups of the Highlands is a great work including sculpture, painting, decorating…especially the expressions of the holy space, power community, and national pride, the soul of mountain villages. Watching the Rong house, we can assess the abilities of painting and sculpture along with the prosperity and poverty of those highland villages.

photo by Christian Lagat
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Landscape architecture & urban design in Namba Parks – Osaka, Japan

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Landscape architecture & urban design in Namba Parks - Osaka, Japan



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luxury minimal beach home February 27, 2013

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luxury minimal beach home


second post February 26, 2013

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Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun  Design Team: Yu Kui, Diego Perez, Zhao Wei, Chie Fuyuki, Fu Changrui, Jtravis B Russett, Dai Pu, Irmgard Reiter, Rasmus Palmqvist, Qin Lichao, Xie Xinyu

Location: Chongqing, China  Typology: Commercial, Office, Hotel  Site Area: 7,700 sqm  Building Area: 216,000 sqm  Building Height: 385 m  Architectural Design: MAD Ltd  Structural Design: ARUP Group LtdImageImage


WordPress 1st

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